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J Christopher Architecture is a full service architecture firm that prides itself on Paramount Service and Award Winning Residential Design.  As a sole proprietor I personally preside over each and every aspect of the firm’s projects.  Should project needs demand, I also maintain access to a network of trusted consultants.


To enrich people’s lives through the process of thoughtful and inspired home design.  J Christopher homes endeavor to create spaces of significance that become a part of cherished family memories for years to come.


My foundational and guiding belief is that a house can and should be an individual expression of the people who dwell within.  Each residence is born from the context of the owner’s personal story and inspired by the sense of place and the physical characteristics of the environment in which it is sited.


By focusing on just a few homes per year, J Christopher Architecture is dedicated to providing the very highest level of customer care. Fewer projects and a “hands on” approach allow a deeper understanding of my client’s needs, interests, and values.  The result is a finely crafted home design that truly reflects the innermost desires of the people who live there.


I emphasize a highly communicative process wherein the owner, architect, and the rest of the build team work together to realize the perfect marriage of function and form.  Costly construction changes are minimized by providing a thoroughly detailed construction set and dedicating the needed time to design and programming issues during the drawing phase.


J Christopher Architecture specializes in custom residential design.  Projects vary in scale and vernacular but the common imperative is the opportunity to serve people and to create timeless works of architectural expression.